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What is Reiki? It is a Japanese word pronounced (ray-key) and means Universal Life Force. This is the unseen Divine energy that flows through all living things on the planet. Reiki is the study of energy, a science based on the language of symbols and attunments. It is one of the simplest, most direct and powerful ways of focusing healing energy. It's history has been handed down from ancient Tibetan Sanskrit teachings of the Vedas and is over 5,000 years old.

Reiki is easy to learn, understand and practice. Practitioners and recipients find more peace, a relaxed sense of well-being, and use it as a positive treatment for the body, emotions, mind and spirit.


The founder of the Reiki natural healing method is Dr. Mikao Usui (see first photo on right). He was a Christian minister living in Japan during the late 1800’s. Following a Sunday service a question was asked, could Dr. Usui perform healings similar to those in the Bible? Because he had to answer no, he began a quest to find a healing method that could uplift not only the spirit and mind but the body as well. He traveled, studied and finally found what he was looking for in an ancient Sanskrit teaching of Buddha. As this new awareness and energy became integrated with every fiber of his being, he worked in the camps of Japan healing the sick. When Usui’s life was drawing to a close he recognized Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (see second photo on right) as the new head Master of Reiki and charged him with keeping the essence of his teaching intact. Hayashi did this by founding a Reiki clinic in the city of Tokyo. He left records demonstrating that Reiki finds the source of physical symptoms, fills the body with a new vibration and energy needed to restore the body to wholeness.

In 1935 a young woman from Hawaii traveled to Japan to receive Reiki treatments for her illness and learn this method for herself. Hawayo Takata (see third photo) studied Reiki from Dr. Hayashi and in time he passed the duty and responsibility for the care of Reiki and its teachings to her. Just before the war Takata returned home to Hawaii and soon developed a flourishing practice. For many years she treated and trained individuals including 22 Masters using the Reiki method.

Forty four years later in 1979, Helen Borth director of ISA heard of Reiki and took her first level training from Ethel Lombardo, one of Takata's masters. When Helen was ready for her second degree and Master level she found Barbara McCullough, another Master trained by Takata. When Helen asked Barbara for the Master level training she was informed that it was customary for Takata to train all new Masters. After a meditation Barbara made the decision to train Helen as a Master in December of 1980 making her the first Reiki Master not trained by Takata, and the first Reiki Master in Wisconsin. An interesting side note is later it was discovered Takata died the same month Helen was initiated.

Takata, before her passing, trained her granddaughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto (see fourth photo) to take her place as Grand Reiki Master. In 1982 Phyllis met with Helen Borth and also certified her as a Master teacher of Reiki. For over 25 years Helen has taught Reiki in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and traveled extensively sharing the gift of Reiki. Helen has also trained a number Reiki Masters including her son Larry Borth who is an intuitive energy visionary and author of the book The Nature of Auras. As of today, 2004, together they teach Reiki classes and do client treatments out of their center, The Institute of Self Awareness. One of the Reiki Masters the Borth’s trained is Jeremy Anaker a co-founder of ISA and founder of Affinity of Madison. He is currently presenting classes in Madison Wisconsin.

I hope everyone reading this takes the opportunity to experience Reiki. The Usui system of natural healing is practiced all over the world. You too can be part of the history of Reiki and experience healthy wellbeing.


What does this mean? In the universal picture you are NOT responsible for the results of the healing. That is strictly between the ill person and their inner spirit. The one in the role of the "healer," in the grand scheme of things, is really there to channel, to let the universal life force "speak" through them. That is their job. To be healed is entirely the job of the "healee." It is also the job of the "healer" to see to it that their vehicle is as unobstructed as possible. The higher energy does not judge illness as not OK. Generally a popular feeling is that illness is not OK. Can you see how this creates a judgement and as a result another obstruction. Everything is universal energy, even illness. Rather than being concerned about illness, focus on trusting and allowing the life force to be available. Trust the Real Self and allow the energy to "speak" however it chooses. It is in charge. Concerns of all kinds are fear based. Another obstruction.

A helpful change in attitude about healing is not making it such a serious business. It has been proven that lightheartedness presents a greater capacity for change. Any aspect of heaviness is always an obstruction. So is the feeling of always having to be available to participate in a healing session. Remember the responsibility for health changes rests on the shoulders of the "healee." Feeling responsible is another limiting factor.

The time has come for the practice of Reiki to evolve into its true nature, UNLIMITEDNESS. It is a blessing to be a part of this movement both personally and universally.


Students experience traditional reiki AND a contemporary approach. 'Contemporary' means that we enter into this practice in its simplest form: moving beyond and through learned directions with expected results, into simply allowing the Universal Life Force to flow. The energy is then directed by its own innate wisdom without human interferance. The most effective energy flow happens without adding objects we think will help the process. Reiki, practiced from the highest possible consciousness, is the greatest source for healing.

Using the unlimited wisdom in the Reiki energy the healee (or subject) draws to her/himself, through the hearler, what is needed. This happens beyond the intellegence of either party. Now we have real Reiki at work. Energy, at the trust level, seeks out the source of problems, blockages, and unbalanced physical, emotional, and spiritual vibrations.


Reiki I, Reiki II, and Master Class III
At ISA Reiki students experience traditional Reiki and a contemporary approach. Contemporary means moving beyond and through directions with expected results into simply allowing the Universal Life Force to flow. Each class is taught by Jeremy Anacker

1st Degree:- $150 - Includes traditional and contemporary Reiki, intuitive consulting, personal aura interpretation, and symbol of infinity.

2nd Degree:- $150 - Includes 3 ancient symbols, aura interpretation, and basic energy knowledge.

3rd Degree:- $500 - Full mastership to teach.

Call or e-mail for an appointment or next attunement opportunity.
By appointment: Call 608-334-1763 *** See also the next scheduled Reiki Attunement on the Events Calendar.


Reiki Treatments: Get on the table receive the powerful benefits that come when the universal life force is called upon and trusted. Here is when true healing begins. Auric mirroring and suggestions for continued transformation awareness included.
Cost: $60 (1 hour)
5 sessions: $250

Aura Sessions: As the intention is set to inquire “just human” forms of energy, a mirroring process helps one to discover mystery and power that is underneath conditioning. Here is a great way to know in a very personal way your next step towards spiritual power. A quick Reiki session with an aura clearing is often but not always included in this work.
Cost: $60 (1 hour)
5 sessions: $250

Organize and Aura Circle: Gather a group of your friends and sponsor a powerful opportunity. Inquire the very subtle nuances of energy while working with Jeremy’s enthusiastic approach to transformation. Every one gets a sample reading and everyone gets to know how they can grow into and benefit from the subtle and sublime context of aura awareness.
Cost: $100 for 2 hours of class. **This offer is limited to 6 participants.

Aura Clinic: An aura circle includes a book that Jeremy helped to illustrate. “The Nature of Auras” by Larry Borth. This is an amazing opportunity to do a study group and have the increased benefit of a 2-day class. This is an extended version of the aura circle that includes more information and group process.
Cost: $200 and $10 for each book.
(6 participants - 2 days - 2 hours each day.)

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